Over 40 leading Researchers, Trauma Specialists, Neuroscientists
and Behavior Experts teaching the latest medical and scientific facts
about how to end depression and create happiness.
This is the first depression telesummit of this magnitude.


Over 40 Experts Reveal The Real World Solutions For Ending Depression
and How To Create A Life Of Lasting Happiness)


The End Depression Now Telesummit Experts
(In Alphabetical Order)


Daniel Amen

Christine Arylo

Renee Baribeau

Laura Boatman

Jim Britt

Rhonda Britten

David Burns

Gabriel Cousens

postpartum depressionTracy Crossley

Jed Diamond

Henry Emmons

Deirdre Fay

Guy Finley

James Gordon

Steven Gurgevich

Rick Hanson

David Healy

Robert Holden

Thomas Joiner

Rajiv Juneja

Irving Kirsch

Craig Meriwether

Sheila Pearl

Jenean Perelstein 1

David Perlmutter 2

Terrence Real

Michele Rosenthal

Norman Rosenthal

Tia Ross

Deborah Rozman

David Rutherford

Friedeman Schaub

Deborah Serani

Marci Shimoff

Maria Sirois

Elizabeth Somer

Therèse Tappouni

Colin Tipping

Margaret Wehrenberg

Amy Weintraub

Guy Winch

David Wolfe


You Are A Phenomenal Person
You Deserve Happiness and Success!